UPDATED ON 14/01/2024

HAITO Karate

1st juniors kata tournament

Competitors Registration Form

Registration for competitors are now finished. Spectators can still register.

Competitor FAQ for kata tournament

Date: 10th of February 2024
Time: The tournament starts at 11:00 AM
Location: Hampton Library & Leisure Centre, Clayburn Rd, Peterborough PE7 8GL

Check-in Time: Competitors must check in upon arrival, confirming name and age.
Deadline: Latest check-in by 10:45 AM.
Bracelets: Competitors will receive bracelets, mandatory to wear at all times.
Arrival Suggestion: Arrive 20-30 minutes earlier for preparation; late check-in after 10:45 AM disqualifies competitors with no exceptions.

Confirmation with Sensei: Competitors must confirm with their Sensei (instructor) before leaving to avoid missing the chance to do their Kata (as it might be done a few times) or award ceremony.
Anticipated Finish Time: The tournament is expected to finish by 4:00 PM.

Full and Tidy Uniform: Competitors must wear full Kimono – trousers, a top, belt, and girls must wear a white and plain T-shirt.
Tournament Requirement: Missing any uniform item disqualifies the student with no exceptions.

Refund Policy: Competitors or visitors not showing up will not be issued a refund for tickets.

First Aid: First aid services will be available on-site for any medical emergencies.
Notification: Competitors with known medical conditions should inform the organizers in advance of necessary arrangements.

Kyokushin Karate style Katas accepted in this tournament:

Taikyoku Sono Ichi
Taikyoku Sono Ni
Taikyoku Sono San
Pinan Sono Ichi
Pinan Sono Ni

Participants can do the same Kata in all rounds.

Age Groups: The tournament will have specific divisions based on age groups (5-6 years old, 7-8 years old, etc.).
Gender: In this tournament males and females compete in the same category.
Belt Grade (Kyu): All students should have at least 10th Kyu and the highest 6th Kyu to be able to compete in this tournament.

Coaches: Competitors may be accompanied by coaches, but they must not interfere with the judging process.
Assistant Roles: Coaches and assistants should support competitors from designated areas and refrain from direct involvement in performances.

Real-time Display: Scores and results will be displayed in real-time for participants and spectators to follow.
Transparency: The scoring system will be transparent, with judges’ decisions explained if requested by competitors or coaches.

Criteria: Judges will evaluate performances based on predetermined criteria.
Overview: A comprehensive list of tournament rules and regulations will be provided to all competitors before the event.
Compliance: Competitors must adhere to the established rules throughout the tournament.
Code of Conduct: Respectful and sportsmanlike behaviour is expected; any misconduct may result in disqualification.
Dispute Resolution: Any disputes regarding judging decisions should be brought to the attention of the tournament organizers promptly and respectfully.
Attendance: All competitors are expected to attend the award ceremony to receive recognition and prizes.
Prizes: Details regarding prizes and awards will be announced during the ceremony.
Respectful Behaviour: Participants and spectators are expected to remain respectful during the award ceremony not depending on their results.
Applause: Applauding all competitors is encouraged, irrespective of outcomes, to foster a positive and supportive atmosphere.