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Frequently Asked Questions


All new students get a 1-week FREE TRIAL.
After the trial, it is £55/month for UNLIMITED TRAINING across both locations in Peterborough (Bretton and Hampton). Also, there is a yearly membership fee of £25.
We have a direct debit system to make payments easy to manage.

We offer a half-price discount for the third family member.
In public Karate classes, the first two people in your family will pay the full price, and then all immediate family members after that are half price.

We constantly have special promotions – all of them can be found on our social media channels.

We have 2 locations – Bretton and Hampton.
Bretton is located at The Cresset. 
The full address is YMCA Community Gym, Studio 3, The Cresset, Bretton, Peterborough PE3 8DX
Hampton is located at the Hampton Library and Leisure Centre.
The full address is Hampton Library & Leisure Centre, Clayburn Rd, Peterborough PE7 8GL.
Absolutely yes! 
It is even encouraged to do so as you can learn new things as well (and maybe join the training as well?). Also, if the child wants to practice at home – you would be able to assist as you watched the class.
1. Comfortable clothes to change into if not coming wearing them.
2. Bottle of water.
3. Come with a parent or guardian if you are under 18 years old.
In the beginning, all students wear comfortable clothes, like a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms (no skirts or dresses). We train bare feet so no shoes are required.
You will eventually need to get a Karate uniform (we call it Kimono or GI), gloves, shin pads and a groin guard or chest protector for the ladies.
As usual, we accept students from 5 years old.
However, experience showed that some 4-year-olds cope very well with the structure of our classes and can start earlier. 
Equally some 5 or 6-year-olds struggle with structured class environments. 
So it differs for every child, which is why we offer a 1-WEEK FREE trial as the only way to know, is to try them out.
Oftentimes, parents who were initially concerned about their child’s attentiveness are pleased with how well their child performs in Karate.

Sensei Gabi will meet and greet you before the class to make sure you are welcome and know what is going on. Also, Sensei Gabi makes sure that older students have a warm welcome for new students and guide them through the class if needed. In your first class, we will run you through some basic Karate techniques and probably some practical self-defence skills that you can use straight away.

Safety is our top priority for training.
New students will be explained the rules and partnered up accordingly with people who would be able to guide them through the drills/techniques etc. Also, Sensei Gabi always keeps a close eye on her students and their behaviour to avoid any injuries.
You have to keep in mind, that to learn true and effective self-defence we will have to be realistic as possible. It means, we will use attacking/defensive techniques but we will do them with gloves and other protections for maximum safety.

It would be great if you register online or via phone, but if you did not have time or forgot – you are very welcome just to walk into the class and approach Sensei Gabi. Most likely, it will be no problem to let you or your child join the training straight away (exceptions would be only if we have a grading, tournament or seminar-type lesson that day).

Sensei Gabi is the owner and main instructor of HAITO Karate and Self-Defence Club.
Actually, her full name is long and a bit complicated for the English language – Gabija Kalinauskaite. Originally she is Lithuanian and moved to the UK in 2014.
Sensei Gabi can speak with you in English and Lithuanian languages. But classes are run purely in the English language – only some terminology used for Karate techniques.
Sensei Gabi’s Karate journey started back in 2004 just before her 12th birthday. She is a highly decorated tournament competitor who has won national and European titles in Kyokushin Karate while training back in Lithuania.
Many of her students described her as a very knowledgeable, attentive and dynamic Martial Artist who has helped even the shyest ones succeed on their journey to becoming better Martial Artists.
Sensei Gabi is the owner and main instructor of HAITO Karate and Self-Defence Club.
Find her details below:
Email gabi@HAITOKarate.com .
Phone number 07544862183.
She is also available on Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram under the same phone number.
Also, we have Facebook, Instagram and Google where you can contact Sensei Gabi directly.
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