UPDATED ON 08/05/2024

Seniors Kyokushin Karate Classes in Peterborough

All Levels 16+ years


On Fridays, we sometimes organize special classes for seniors with guest instructors from other clubs. All relevant information regarding these sessions will be previously communicated to participants and is also available in our events calendar here.

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Why Karate?

Are you on the lookout for a journey that not only pushes your limits but also leads to self-discovery and personal growth? Are you eager to explore a path that welcomes individuals of all ages, genders, and physical abilities, offering both exhilarating challenges and rewarding experiences?

Kyokushin Karate at HAITO Karate offers more than just a martial art – it's a way of life that welcomes everyone to strive for their best selves.

Karate isn't about fitting into a mould; it's about breaking barriers and discovering what you're truly capable of. It's a philosophy that empowers individuals of all backgrounds to push beyond their limits, fostering resilience, strength, and confidence along the way.

At HAITO Karate, we believe in embracing diversity and individuality, blending tradition with modern techniques to cater to everyone's unique journey. Whether you're a young adult looking for focus and discipline, a matured adult seeking mental clarity and stress relief, or someone with physical challenges striving for strength and agility, there's a place for you here.

In our Dojo, you'll find:

  • A supportive community that celebrates each person's journey.
  • Inclusive training that adapts to your needs and abilities.
  • Opportunities for personal growth and self-improvement.
  • A space where age, gender, and physical abilities are celebrated, not limitations.
  • Improve your focus and concentration.
  • Get stronger physically, building muscles and bones.
  • Increase flexibility and coordination for better balance.
  • Learn techniques to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Develop important values like perseverance, respect, and integrity.

Join us at HAITO Karate and unlock the limitless potential within yourself. Together, let's embrace the spirit of Karate and embark on a transformative journey that transcends boundaries and empowers us to become the best versions of ourselves.


At HAITO Karate, we're not just about kicks and punches – we're about empowering teenagers and adults to reach their full potential through Kyokushin Karate. Led by our experienced and friendly (and strict!) Sensei Gabi, our classes are designed to challenge and inspire, no matter your age or skill level.

What makes HAITO Karate stand out? We don't just teach Karate; we integrate self-defence seamlessly into our curriculum. It's about more than just throwing punches; it's about standing strong in any situation life throws at you.

Join us and discover:

  • Kyokushin Karate, is a martial art that builds honesty, courage, and perseverance.
  • A supportive community where friendships flourish and respect is paramount.
  • Convenient Peterborough locations, including our full-time Dojo in Woodston.
  • Engaging classes covering techniques, forms, rules, and even fun games and activities.

Picture yourself or your teen stepping onto the mat, eyes blazing with determination. That's the transformation waiting at HAITO Karate – where you're not just learning Karate; you're becoming part of a family.

Give yourself or your teen the gift of empowerment. Enrol in HAITO Karate today and witness the difference for yourself. Sign up for a free one-week trial and discover why HAITO Karate isn't just a Dojo – it's a sanctuary for the bold and determined. See you on the mat!

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