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Personal Classes

All Ages

If you are not sure if you want to join group classes or prefer one-on-one training, get in touch with Sensei Gabi to book the initial call to discuss the possibilities.

Personal Karate and Self-Defence classes are an excellent way to build strength, agility, and confidence at your very own pace. Sensei Gabi specialises in teaching Karate and Self-Defence techniques. Through personalised training, you would learn proper techniques, practice drills, and gain the knowledge to help you become a stronger and more capable individual.

Private classes are tailored to each individual, allowing you to discuss and set your specific goals and targets with a Sensei Gabi. No matter one’s age or current fitness level, personal training can be beneficial for all individuals. 

Personal training can be performed inside or outside depending on the individual’s needs.

Karate Classes


Karate classes focus on building strength through various exercises and techniques. Students learn how to properly use their body weight and leverage to increase their physical strength and improve their overall performance in Martial Arts. The training also emphasizes the importance of mental strength, teaching students to push past their limits and persevere through challenges. Through consistent practice, karate students can develop a strong and powerful body, as well as a resilient and determined mindset.


Karate training involves quick, precise movements that help students improve their coordination and balance. Through regular practice, students can improve their agility, allowing them to move more efficiently and effectively in combat situations. This can help them execute complex techniques with greater speed and accuracy. In addition, agility training can also help students develop better overall physical fitness and coordination.


Through regular training and practice, students learn to trust in their abilities and techniques, building their self-esteem and belief in themselves. This confidence allows them to face challenges and obstacles with a positive attitude, pushing themselves to improve and reach their goals. It also helps them to remain focused and calm under pressure, both in and outside of the Dojo. 


The student is expected to follow the instructions of the Sensei and demonstrate self-control and focus in their training. They also show respect through proper manners and etiquette in the Dojo.



Your Sensei

TALENTED and HIGHLY motivated

She has experience in various Martial Arts disciplines, including Kyokushin Karate, known for its intense full-contact sparring, and Shinkyu Martial Arts, known for its practical Self-Defence techniques.

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