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 Prepping for the BKG Knockdown A Leap Forward for HAITO Karate

Prepping for the BKG Knockdown: A Leap Forward for HAITO Karate

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On 29th October, Shihan Graham Warden conducted a seminar in Twickenham for officials, judges, and referees, setting the groundwork for the upcoming 1st BKG Knockdown tournament. Representing HAITO Karate, Sensei Gabi attended to grasp the new rules and guidelines.

Seminar Insights

 Seminar Insights

The seminar, meticulously led by Shihan Graham Warden, provided a thorough understanding of the rules governing the upcoming tournament. It served as a platform for attendees to familiarize themselves with the regulations, ensuring a fair and well-judged competition.

Learning and Preparation

Sensei Gabi utilized this opportunity to delve into the rules and also practice the roles of a judge and referee. Although she will be attending as a coach this time, the acquired knowledge is invaluable for HAITO Karates participation in future tournaments.

Anticipation for the Tournament

With the 1st BKG Knockdown tournament on the horizon, HAITO Karate is gearing up for competition. We are proud to have a team of six individuals ready to represent our Dojo, marking a significant milestone for HAITO Karate Club.


The upcoming tournament is an avenue for growth, learning, and showcasing Kyokushin Karate’s prowess. For more details about the tournament, readers are encouraged to visit the British Karate Guild’s website.

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