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A Rewarding Evening of Kyokushin Exploration and Advancement

A Rewarding Evening of Kyokushin Exploration and Advancement

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The quiet hum of anticipation filled the air as we gathered for a special evening at the Dojo. On the agenda was a one-hour course led by the esteemed Shihan Stuart Wright, followed by a rigorous three-hour grading session. The session was devoted to the exploration of eight Kyokushin stances, which are also foundational in Haito Karate & Self-Defence Club (as we follow most of the basics and sparring techniques from Kyokushin Karate), making them highly relevant to our HAITO club members. There was a particular emphasis on movement and effectiveness, providing a rich learning landscape for all attendees.

Delving into Kyokushin Stances 儭

Under Shihans expert guidance, we navigated through each stance, appreciating the intricacies and understanding the importance of these stances. The focus was on understanding how proper movement and positioning improve our skills on the mat.

Transition to Grading

After the enriching one-hour training session, we transitioned into the three-hour grading segment of the evening. This grading session wasn’t merely a continuation of the earlier training but a platform for each participant to showcase their existing knowledge and skills for the opportunity to be graded to higher belts under the watchful eyes of the seasoned instructors.

Appreciation for Our Hosts

A big thank you to Shinjitsu and BKG Kyokushin for opening their doors to us. Their generosity enabled our participation in the grading session, adding a layer of practical experience to our theoretical understanding. The sense of community and shared learning among different martial arts schools is truly something special.

Celebrating Progress

The grading session was a testament to hard work, dedication, and the quest for improvement. It was a joy to witness the determination of all participants, pushing through every challenge thrown their way. Kudos to Ryan (8th KYU) and Elizabeth (3rd KYU) on earning their new belts. Their achievement is not just a personal milestone, but also an inspiration to us all.

Join us on this enriching journey at Haito Karate & Self-Defence Club. With every stance, strike, and spar, discover a new layer of martial arts, learn from each experience, and evolve into a proficient martial artist. 扑

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