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Christmas Karate Class - Bretton Dojo!

Christmas Karate Class – Bretton Dojo!

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What a wonderful way to end the year! Our Christmas Karate class was full of fun, excitement and surprises. Here are some highlights of what we did and who we celebrated.

2023 Punches/Blocks/Kicks Challenge

We continued our challenge to do 2023 punches, blocks and kicks before the end of the year. We had to work hard and fast, but we did it! We completed the second half of the challenge and showed our strength and stamina. Well done, everyone!

Special Awards from Sensei Gabi and Santa

We were honored to receive special awards from our Sensei Gabi and Santa Claus himself. They recognized our achievements and progress throughout the year and gave us certificates and medals. We were so happy and grateful for their support and encouragement.

A Very Special Guest – Pikachu of Peterborough

We had a very special guest who came to cheer us on during the last 111 punches. It was Pikachu of Peterborough! He was so cute and friendly, and he gave us high-fives and hugs. He also posed for some photos with us. Thank you, Pikachu, for making our day!

Sensei Amandeep from Gakusei Karate

We were also delighted to welcome Sensei Amandeep from Gakusei Karate, who came all the way from London to visit us in our last class of the year. He shared his knowledge and experience with us and gave us some tips and advice. He also joined us in some drills and games. Thank you, Sensei Amandeep, for your kindness and generosity.

Students of the Year and Student of the Month

Last but not least, we announced our Students of the Year and Student of the Month awards. These are students who have shown outstanding dedication, improvement, attitude and spirit in Karate. They are:

  • Igor Sikorski – Student of the Month
  • Darius Junevic – Student of the Year (Kids Class)
  • Joel Biju Ninan – Student of the Year (Seniors Class)

Congratulations to all of them!

I am so proud of all my students and I feel blessed to be their Sensei. You have made this year amazing and memorable. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2023!

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