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HAITO Karate How We Made Summer 2023 Unforgettable

HAITO Karate: How We Made Summer 2023 Unforgettable

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🎉 The Season of Growth and Community 🎉

Summer is more than just a season; it’s an emotion, a vibe, and for us at HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club, it’s a time of growth, community, and relentless training. This summer was extraordinary, teeming with events, belt gradings, and the unique experience of consistent outdoor classes. Let’s delve into how HAITO made this summer truly special and helped us all achieve excellence.

🎈 Bretton Festival: Celebrating in Style 🎈

The Bretton Festival was not just another event; it was a great celebration for the Bretton community. While the festival was not solely dedicated to martial arts, our Sensei and committed group of students took the stage to showcase their karate techniques (3 different Katas and Tameshiwari (board breaking) methods), adding a unique flair to the community’s celebrations.

🥋 Belt Gradings: Milestones in Hampton and Bretton Dojos 🥋

This summer, we conducted belt gradings in both our Hampton and Bretton Dojos. These sessions were not merely tests but significant milestones in our students’ individual Karate journeys. The sense of accomplishment and the smiles and even tears on their faces were priceless. Students demonstrated their basic blocks, punches, kicks and stances. A few higher belts had to show their 2 first Katas – Teikyoku Sono Ichi/Ni.

🌳 The Great Outdoors: Classes, Jogging, Self-Defence and Takedowns 🌳

Who says you need four walls to learn? We took our classes outside this summer, embracing nature as our new Dojo. From jogging to takedowns, the open space added a fresh perspective to our training and allowed us to explore new techniques. Our front leg was always ready for action, and our fighting stance was impeccable. We learnt additional techniques, such as takedowns and other self-defence elements, which HAITO students, no doubt, will find useful in many cases.

🌟 Standing Out in Peterborough: Consistency is Key 🌟

One of the things that set us apart in Peterborough was our unwavering commitment to outdoor training. I am proud to say that we are the only Martial Arts Club in Peterborough (and I believe in many more cities) that had regular outdoor Karate classes this summer. Our fitness level was unmatched thanks to this consistency and I truly believe that residents in Hampton and Bretton will miss our voices while we were counting while jogging. Even our students’ parents joined us for jogging sessions – well done to them!

☔🌞 Rain or Shine: Our Commitment Stays the Same 🌞☔

Whether it was raining cats and dogs or the sun was blazing down, our outdoor classes continued unabated. Our commitment to training is unwavering, and our students’ enthusiasm is the fuel that keeps us going. Come rain or shine, our rising block was always on point. 

🎊 Conclusion: A Summer to Remember 🎊

This summer was a testament to HAITO’s commitment to excellence, community, and continuous learning. We broke new ground, achieved milestones, and most importantly, did it together as a HAITO family. Our basic karate moves were perfected over the course of the summer. Here’s to many more summers filled with kicks, punches, and a whole lot of fun!

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