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HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club Guidelines for Students and Visitors

HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club: Guidelines for Students and Visitors

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Dear HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club students and visitors,

As we continue to train and grow together, it’s essential to ensure that we maintain a strong focus on safety, discipline, and effective learning. With this in mind, I would like to bring your attention to a few important reminders that will contribute to an optimal training experience for all. I always highlight that my priority is STUDENTS and I feel that some of the rules have to be reminded for all as our club is growing and not everyone is familiar with the Dojo etiquette. 


  1. UNIFORMS (or training clothes) have to be comfortable, tidy and the right size. It draws my attention that some students have too long trousers or sleeves. The correct length of the trousers is 3 fingers from the floor (about ankles height). TROUSERS SHOULD NOT TOUCH THE FLOOR. Also, if trousers are too long, they have to be STICHED UP – NOT FOLDED as they do not stay folded during the class while we perform kicks, stances or other activities and it creates a slip/trip hazard. Sleeves have to cover the elbows but not cover the hands. SLEEVES SHOULD NOT BE FOLDED AS WELL – YOU NEED TO STITCH THEM UP if they are too long.

  2. TRAINING KIT. All students have to bring a full set of protective equipment (if owned) to EVERY SINGLE CLASS (gloves, shin pads and groin or chest guards accordingly). All students must wear the KIMONO for their training if they have one. If they do not have one yet, training clothes have to be appropriate. This includes 1. No skirts or shorts; 2. No jeans; 3. No socks and shoes (unless agreed otherwise with Sensei); 4. If a student trains with a t-shirt only it has to cover the upper body fully (no crop tops or sports bras only)

  3. CHANGING ROOMS. If you are coming wearing other clothes than KIMONO, you need to change in the bathroom or changing room. In Hampton Dojo, there are changing rooms upstairs or a spacious bathroom next to the reception. In Bretton Dojo, spacious bathroom in the Dojo (on the right side then you enter the Dojo) or a small changing room on the left. All older students are allowed to enter the Dojo respectfully and quietly to use the facilities even if the younger students’ class has not finished yet. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE IN THE DOJO.

  4. PERSONAL HYGIENE is crucial, especially during warmer weather time. Maintaining personal hygiene is not only important for your own well-being but also for the comfort and health of others. Please ensure you arrive at training sessions with clean uniforms and trimmed fingernails to avoid any injuries during sparring. Also, if you are coming wearing flip-flops, please make sure that your feet are clean (I recommend using wet wipes to clean the feet before/after the class). Additionally, remember to bring your own water bottle and towel to stay hydrated and fresh throughout the session. 

  5. ARRIVE ON TIME. Regular attendance is crucial for your progress in Karate and self-defence. Arriving on time (better to arrive 10-15mins early) for each class allows you to fully participate and maximize your learning potential. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend a class, please inform your instructor in advance. My phone number is 07544862183 (the same one for Whatsapp).

  6. PLACING ORDERS AND OTHER ENQUIRIES. Please try to place your orders, make payments or try to speak with me BEFORE THE CLASS (if you are attending kids’ class) or AFTER CLASS (if you are attending teens/adults’ class). Sadly, I do not have enough time between the classes to take payments and if I do, it causes lateness for teens/adults’ classes to start.

  7. RESPECT. In our Dojo, respect and etiquette are fundamental principles. Greeting your fellow students, bowing to your instructors, and demonstrating proper conduct both on and off the training floor are vital aspects of our training. Let’s always treat each other with kindness, humility, and respect, fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere.


As always, we welcome visitors to our Dojo and encourage them to observe our classes. However, it’s essential to remember that we are a private Karate club, and our members’ safety and comfort are of utmost importance. With this in mind, I kindly ask that all visitors follow these guidelines:

  1. ARRIVAL AND LEAVING TIME. If you are planning on observing the class, please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that you can introduce yourself (if you are not familiar with the environment) and speak with the Sensei before the class starts. Please avoid entering/leaving the Dojo once the class has started as it disturbs students and the Sensei. If you have to leave, please make it as quietly as possible (do not answer the phone while in the Dojo, close the door quietly, and do not create additional noises).

  2. OBSERVATION ETIQUETTE. When observing the class, please do not disrupt or distract the students or instructor in any way. Please sit quietly (no phone sounds, discussions, phone calls, helping out your child during the session, commenting, etc.). If there is some kind of emergency, please ASK SENSEI first if you can interrupt.

  3. BABIES AND TODDLERS. It is understandable that students might have younger relatives who would like to watch the class. All children are allowed to stay in the Dojo only if they stay ABSOLUTELY QUIET during the whole session and stay seated in the designated spaces with their parents. It is understandable that it can be difficult for babies and toddlers to stay quiet during the whole Karate session this is why it is expected for them to spend time with their parents in the reception (in Hampton Dojo) or outside (Bretton Dojo).

  4. WATCH FROM A SAFE DISTANCE. For safety reasons, please ensure that you remain at a safe distance from the training floor and do not enter the training area unless given permission by the Sensei. Please make sure that younger relatives who are not students, stay seated during the training session. In both our Dojos, visitors have dedicated spaces to sit and watch the class. Please keep in mind, that spaces are limited and only 1 PARENT SHOULD stay to watch the session.

  5. PICTURES AND VIDEOS. You are allowed to take pictures or videos discretely during the class. The sound and flash of the phone/camera must be turned off and this should not disturb students. Also, you are allowed to post pictures and videos on social media.

We hope these reminders will help maintain a safe and positive environment for all students and visitors at HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club. Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Let’s strive for excellence together!

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