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HAITO Sparring Gloves

HAITO Sparring Gloves

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HAITO Sparring Gloves

Step into the dojo confidently with theĀ HAITO Sparring Gloves, engineered for the perfect blend ofĀ comfort,Ā flexibility, andĀ durability.

  • Crafted fromĀ high-quality faux leather,Ā sweat-wicking, andĀ breathableĀ for maximum comfort.
  • StrongĀ wear resistanceĀ andĀ durabilityĀ ensure they withstand intense training sessions.
  • EVA protective paddingĀ on theĀ palmĀ andĀ back of the handĀ for enhancedĀ jointĀ andĀ knuckle protection.
  • Interior filled withĀ rebound rubberĀ for excellentĀ shock absorption.
  • AdjustableĀ Velcro wrist strapĀ ensures a tailored fit forĀ stabilityĀ duringĀ sparring.
  • Cylindrical elastic barĀ enhancesĀ fist powerĀ and overallĀ sports experience.

Enhance your dojo experience with the reliability and precision of theĀ HAITO Sparring Gloves.

Size Guide:

To determine the correct size gloves, measure the distance across theĀ lowest, butĀ widest, part of yourĀ knucklesĀ on theĀ palmĀ of yourĀ hand, as depicted in the diagram.

Elastic Hand Pads


X-Small15cm – 17cm
Small17cm – 19cm
Medium19cm – 21cm
Large21cm – 23cm
X-Large23cm – 25cm


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