UPDATED ON 08/05/2024

Elastic Shin and Instep Pads

Elastic Shin and Instep Pads



Designed to provide optimal protection and comfort, these pads are perfect for martial artists of all levels and disciplines. CE Approved and sold in pairs, these pads are your ultimate safeguard against injuries during intense sparring sessions.



Key Features:


    1. Padded Elasticated Slip-On Design: Our Elastic Shin & Instep Pads are designed for easy slip-on wear and a secure fit, ensuring they stay in place throughout your training sessions.


    1. Cushioned Protective Outer: With a padded protective outer layer, these pads efficiently absorb and disperse the impact from kicks and strikes, shielding your shins and insteps from potential injuries.


    1. Comfortable Towelling Inner: Featuring a soft towelling inner lining, our shin and instep pads ensure maximum comfort during extended training sessions, preventing skin irritation and chafing.


    1. Versatile Usage: These Elastic Shin & Instep Pads are ideal for a variety of martial arts disciplines, including Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and more.


    1. Size Options: Our pads come in four different sizes to accommodate all athletes. Please refer to the Shin Size Chart below to determine the perfect fit for you:


SizeShin Length

How to Measure:

To determine the correct size shin guard, measure the distance from the bottom of the knee to the top of the ankle as depicted in the diagram.

How to Measure shin



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