UPDATED ON 08/05/2024

Standard Male Groin Guard

Standard Male Groin Guard



Designed to offer superior comfort and security, this groin guard is made from high-quality polyester, cotton, and lycra mix, ensuring durability and flexibility during your most intense training sessions.

Key Features:

  • Detachable Plastic Cup: The Standard Male Groin Guard comes with a removable plastic cup, allowing for easy cleaning and replacement as needed.


  • Elasticated Waist Band and Support Straps: This guard features an elasticated waistband and support straps, ensuring a secure and snug fit for athletes of all sizes.


  • Layered Fabric Pocket: The plastic cup is enclosed within a layered fabric pocket, providing additional protection and comfort while minimizing irritation during movement.


  • Versatile Wear: The Standard Male Groin Guard can be worn either under or over your trousers, making it suitable for various sports and training activities.


  • CE Approved: This product meets the highest standards for safety and quality, having received CE Approval.

Size Guide:

SizeHip Circumference
X-Small24″ – 26″
Junior27″ – 30″
Senior31″ – 36″



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