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Hampton Dojo Celebrates First Grading Success

Hampton Dojo Celebrates First Grading Success

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We are proud to announce that the first grading in Hampton Dojo was a great success! All seven students who attempted grading today passed with flying colours and earned their next belts. Congratulations to Joel, Sania, Ethan, Albert, Sara, Eva and Tony for making your first and very big step towards your Black Belts!

What is Grading?

Grading is a process of testing the skills and knowledge of students in a martial art. It is a way of measuring their progress and rewarding their hard work. Grading also helps students set goals and challenges for themselves and motivates them to keep improving.

How Does Grading Work in Haito Karate?

In Haito Karate, grading is based on a belt system that ranges from white to black. Each belt represents a level of proficiency and mastery in the art. Students have to demonstrate their abilities in various aspects of Haito Karate, such as kihon (basic techniques) and others.

To advance to the next belt, students have to pass a grading exam that is conducted by a qualified instructor or examiner. The grading exam consists of both practical and theoretical components. Students have to show their understanding of the principles and history of karate, as well as their physical and mental skills.

What Does It Mean to Pass the First Grading?

Passing the first grading is a significant achievement for any student of Haito Karate. It means that they have learned the fundamentals of the art and have shown dedication, discipline and perseverance. It also means that they are ready to take on more challenges and learn more advanced techniques.

Passing the first grading is not the end of the journey, but the beginning. It is a milestone that marks the start of a lifelong pursuit of excellence and self-improvement.

We congratulate our first batch of graduates and wish them all the best in their future endeavors. We hope that they will continue to train hard and enjoy Haito Karate as much as we do. We also welcome new students who are interested in joining our dojo and learning this amazing martial art. Come and join us today!

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