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How HAITO Karate and Self-Defence Club Celebrated Valentine's Day

How HAITO Karate and Self-Defence Club Celebrated Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is not only a day to celebrate love, but also a day to show appreciation and gratitude to the people who matter in our lives. That’s why HAITO Karate and Self-Defence Club decided to do something special for their students on this special day.

A Surprise Gift for All Students

On February 14th, all students who attended the classes at HAITO Karate and Self-Defence Club – Bretton Dojo received a surprise heart-shaped balloon from Sensei Gabi. The students were delighted and touched by this gesture of kindness and appreciation.

A Fun and Engaging Class

The classes on Valentine’s Day were also fun and engaging, as Sensei Gabi incorporated some games and activities that encouraged teamwork, communication, and trust among the students.

A Sense of Community and Friendship

The Valentine’s Day celebration at HAITO Karate and Self-Defence Club was not only a way to show appreciation to the students, but also a way to foster a sense of community and friendship among them. The students learned that Karate is not only about physical skills, but also about mental and emotional skills, such as respect, compassion, and empathy. They also learned that they are part of a supportive and caring family at HAITO Karate and Self-Defence Club, where they can grow and thrive together.

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