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HAITO Karate at The Bretton Festival No Classes on July 1st!

📣 HAITO Karate at The Bretton Festival: A Day Without Classes!🎪🥋

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📢 HAITO Karate at The Bretton Festival, No Karate Classes on the 1st of July (Saturday)! 📅

Attention, HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club members! 📣🥋 Please note that there will be NO CLASSES on the 1st of July (Saturday). But that doesn’t mean it will be a quiet day for us. Quite the contrary! 🎉

On this day, Sensei Gabi along with some of our talented students will be participating in a special show at the Bretton Festival 🎊🏞️. We encourage everyone to come and support their fellow karatekas between 12:50-13:00! 👏👏

Bretton Festival: A Day to Remember 🎪🎈

Bretton Festival, a remarkable event marking its golden anniversary this year, is more than just a community gathering. Presented by the Bretton parish council, it’s a day of fun, music, and camaraderie, unfolding at Bretton Park on Saturday, 1st July 2023 🗓️.

From thrilling rides 🎠 and international hot foods 🌭🍣 to live music 🎵 and a dog show 🐕, the Bretton Festival has it all. And the cherry on top? It’s the performance by our very own HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club members! 👏🎉

Bretton Festival

Participating in the Show? Here’s What You Need to Know! 📝🥋

For all the brave HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club students taking the stage at the Bretton Festival, here are some crucial details:

  1. Arrival Time: Please arrive promptly at 12:00 PM 🕛. This ensures that we can make necessary preparations and begin our show right on time at 12:50 PM.

  2. Meeting Point: Assemble at the HAITO tent 🏕️. Our club’s tent will be our base for the day.

  3. Dress Code: Please come dressed in your Kimonos (washed, ironed, and tidy) and sports shoes 👘👟. Remember, we’re not just representing our club but also the discipline and aesthetics of Karate.

  4. Rehearsals: Practice and rehearse your Kata diligently in the weeks leading up to the event 🥋💪. This is your chance to showcase your skills and dedication to a wider audience.

Sensei Gabi had a chance to perform at several events in Lithuania when she was young, and she is confident that this will be a memorable experience for each one of you too. 🎉🏆

Bretton Festival: A Window to Engage with the Community 🤝🌐

This event offers a fantastic platform to demonstrate your martial arts knowledge, engage with the community, and make lasting memories. We are confident that your performance will leave a lasting impression 🥇💪.

Got Questions? 🤔

Please don’t hesitate to contact Sensei Gabi for any further information. You can reach out via email at GABI@HAITOKARATE.COM 📧, call 07544862183 📞 or use our contact us page.

How Can You Help? 🤲🔁

Supporting your karate family doesn’t end with just attending the festival. Make sure to follow, share, like, and tag HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club on your social media channels.

Let’s make this year’s Bretton Festival a resounding success together! 💪🥋🎉

Osu! 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️

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