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British Karate Guild Kyokushin Annual Seminar

British Karate Guild Kyokushin Annual Seminar

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Karate enthusiasts from around the UK congregated on the 25th of June, 2023, to participate in the highly anticipated British Karate Guild Kyokushin Annual Seminar. Among the attendees was Sensei Gabi, founder and instructor from HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club. This remarkable event was divided into three engaging sessions, each offering unique insights and practical training in different aspects of karate. Let’s delve into Sensei Gabi’s journey through this enriching seminar.

Session 1: Pinan Sono Go Kata and Bunkai (applications) – Shihan Nick Da Costa

The seminar commenced with a session dedicated to the Pinan Sono Go Kata and its corresponding Bunkai, led by the experienced Shihan Nick Da Costa. Sensei Gabi, along with fellow karatekas, had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the intricacies of this traditional karate form. Shihan Nick Da Costa’s guidance allowed participants to understand the essence of the kata, honing their techniques and delving into the practical applications, or Bunkai, of each movement. Sensei Gabi found immense value in this session, as it deepened their understanding of the Pinan Sono Go Kata’s nuances and heightened their proficiency in its execution.

Pinan Sono Go Kata and Bunkai (applications) - Shihan Nick Da Costa

Session 2: Kumite (Sparring) Combinations – Sensei Darren Stringer

In the second session, Sensei Gabi was privileged to learn from Sensei Darren Stringer, an accomplished karateka renowned for his expertise in Kumite (sparring). The focus of this session was on refining sparring techniques and mastering effective combinations. Sensei Darren Stringer emphasized the importance of timing, speed, and precision in executing successful attacks and counters. Through rigorous training and interactive drills, participants enhanced their agility, adaptability, and strategic thinking in the realm of Kumite. Sensei Gabi found this session exhilarating, as it challenged them to elevate their sparring skills and embrace the spirit of friendly competition.

Kumite (Sparring) Combinations - Sensei Darren Stringer

Session 3: Self-Defence Techniques – Shihan Felix Ntumazah

The final session of the seminar was dedicated to the art of self-defence, an essential aspect of martial arts training. Sensei Gabi eagerly absorbed the teachings of Shihan Felix Ntumazah, a highly respected karateka with a profound understanding of practical self-defence techniques. Participants were exposed to various scenarios and were taught how to assess threats, react swiftly, and neutralize potential dangers. Shihan Felix Ntumazah emphasized the significance of situational awareness, proper body positioning, and effective use of strikes and joint locks. Sensei Gabi found this session invaluable, as it equipped them with essential self-defence skills and reinforced the underlying philosophy of karate as a means of self-improvement and personal growth.

Self-Defence Techniques - Shihan Felix Ntumazah


Sensei Gabi’s participation in the British Karate Guild Kyokushin Annual Seminar was a transformative experience. The three distinct sessions led by distinguished instructors from BKG Kyokushin, Shihan Nick Da Costa, Sensei Darren Stringer, and Shihan Felix Ntumazah, offered a comprehensive exploration of Pinan Sono Go Kata and Bunkai, Kumite combinations, and self-defence techniques, respectively. Sensei Gabi’s journey through these sessions further enriched their knowledge, refined their technical abilities, and reinforced their passion for karate.

The seminar served as a reminder that pursuing martial arts is an ongoing journey of learning and growth. Sensei Gabi returned to HAITO Karate & Self-Defence Club with a renewed enthusiasm to share her newfound knowledge and inspire her students to reach greater heights in their own martial arts journey. The British Karate Guild Kyokushin Annual Seminar undoubtedly left an indelible mark on Sensei Gabi’s path as a karateka, deepening their appreciation for the art and reaffirming their commitment to its principles.

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