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Sparring Night Spectacle: A Fusion of Technique and Talent

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Last Friday night at HAITO was not just another regular training session. It was an exhilarating evening dedicated entirely to Kumite, a term that karate enthusiasts recognize as the heart-pounding art of sparring. Here’s a rundown of this spectacular night, which combined intense physical engagement with an enriching learning experience.

Special Guests from Northampton Kyokushin Karate

We were honoured to have visitors from Northampton Kyokushin Karate. Notably, Senpai Mantas Žamba and Vlad Ungur graced us with their presence. Vlad, who recently clinched the title at the BKK Open (British Kyokushin Karate) as a heavyweight champion through a series of emphatic knockdowns leading to IPPON (a full point), brought an aura of championship calibre to our dojo.

Learning from the Champions

Our special guests demonstrated commendable restraint and sportsmanship, opting not to overwhelm but to uplift and educate. Their participation provided our members, both new and seasoned, with a priceless opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field. It’s not every day you get to spar with heavyweight champions and see firsthand the dedication and skill that top-level performance requires.

A Milestone for Our Young Karatekas

A highlight of the evening was witnessing some of our young members stepping into the teens & adults sparring session for the first time. Their bravery and enthusiasm were met with cheers and encouragement from all attendees, marking a pivotal moment in their martial arts journey.

An Inclusive Dojo

At HAITO, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity. We welcome martial artists from all backgrounds, irrespective of how long it has been since they last practised, their current fitness level, or the length of time they have been training. Our philosophy is simple: come and try. Everyone has a place here, and every session is a chance to grow.

Join Us Next Time

If you missed out on this sparring night, worry not. Visit HAITOKARATE.COM to learn more about our classes and how you can be a part of future events. Whether you are looking to hone your skills, meet like-minded martial artists, or simply try something new, HAITO is the place to be. Osu!

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