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 Evening Workshop Reflection Mastery with Senpai Mantas Zamba at HAITO Karate v2

Evening Workshop Reflection: Mastery with Senpai Mantas Zamba at HAITO Karate

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What a night it’s been at HAITO Karate! With the dojo filled with eager minds and hearts, Senpai Mantas Zamba from Northampton Kyokushin Karate took us on an insightful path through the art of Kyokushin karate, focusing on the katas Pinan Sono Ichi, Pinan Sono Ni, and Pinan Sono San.

The Workshop Highlights

Senpai Zamba’s expertise turned the dojo into a vibrant classroom, where each participant, whether from our Hampton or Bretton locations, advanced in their practice. The evening was not just about learning the moves but understanding the depth behind each kata.

Our younger members showed incredible enthusiasm, signalling their readiness for more advanced challenges. Meanwhile, our intermediate and senior karatekas dedicated two hours to mastering the techniques under Senpai Zamba’s guidance, a testament to their commitment to martial arts.

A Community of Learners


Tonight, HAITO Karate showcased its true spirita community driven by the pursuit of excellence, unity, and respect for the discipline. It was a powerful reminder of why we practice, pushing ourselves beyond limits and supporting one another on this journey.

Join Our Karate Family

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For anyone inspired by tonights event or curious about starting their martial arts journey, HAITO Karate welcomes you. Here, every level of experience finds respect and opportunity for growth. We are more than a dojo; we are a family committed to learning and excelling together.

Tonight’s workshop with Senpai Mantas Zamba was an exceptional chapter in our story, filled with learning, practice, and camaraderie. As we move forward, we carry the lessons learned, eager for the next step in our karate journey.

Thank you, Senpai Zamba, for sharing your wisdom and inspiring us all. And to our students, your dedication and spirit make HAITO Karate what it isa place of growth, challenge, and community. Here’s to many more evenings like this. OSU!

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