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Celebrating Success A Look Back at the HAITO Karate 1st Juniors Kata Tournament

Celebrating Success: A Look Back at the HAITO Karate 1st Juniors Kata Tournament

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The HAITO Karate 1st Juniors Kata Tournament has come to a close, leaving us with memories of remarkable talent, sportsmanship, and the unwavering spirit of martial arts. As we reflect on the event, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who played a part in making this tournament a resounding success.

Highlights and Achievements

The tournament showcased the talent and dedication of our young karatekas across five age divisions, with participants from HAITO Karate and guest Kyokushin Karate clubs demonstrating their skills on the tatami. Here’s a glimpse of the outstanding achievements:

Division (Age)1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Up to 7 yearsNojus Steiblys – BST AcademyJacob Barker – HAITO KarateAdinath Kannan – HAITO Karate
7 & 8 yearsSophia Andreea Manea – BST AcademyNoja Jakutyte – BST AcademyGabrielius Sidlauskas – BST Academy
9 & 10 yearsRebeka Pulina – HAITO KarateStanley Michael Crossan – Ward – HAITO KarateDominika Dubiel – HAITO Karate
11 & 12 yearsAmedeea Maria Manea – BST AcademyMateo Pantelimon Catrinoiu – HAITO KarateDarius Junevic – HAITO Karate
13 & 14 yearsCalvin Schelts – HAITO KarateDevesh Mishra – HAITO KarateVictoria Mazur – BST Academy

This year, we had the honor of hosting 48 competitors across these categories, each receiving special prizes from Blitz Sports and 3D-printed keychains to commemorate their participation.

Special Acknowledgments

Our gratitude extends to the esteemed judges and referees, whose expertise and dedication ensured fairness and excellence throughout the tournament. A special thank you to Senpai Mantas 鬚amba, Paulius Steiblys, Lina Kurgoniene, Senpai Lee Swiggelaar, Bartosz Dubiel, Ilze Pulina, Sania Shaji, and Grzegorz Sikorski for their invaluable contribution.

Additionally, we thank Senpai Mantas 鬚amba from BST Academy, Senpai Lee Swiggelaar from Shinjitsu Dojo, and Sensei Anthony Boylan from MK City Kyokushin Karate for joining us with their students. Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to @alantaphotography for capturing the spirit of the tournament through their lens.

A Heartfelt Thank You 歹

Competitors, Visitors, Volunteers, Judges, and Referees,

Your passion, dedication, and support were the pillars upon which the success of our tournament was built. Competitors, your commitment to karate and the exceptional performances you delivered were truly inspiring. Judges and referees, your expertise and fairness ensured a competitive and enriching environment for all. Volunteers, your tireless efforts behind the scenes brought our vision to life, and visitors, your encouragement created an atmosphere of camaraderie and unity.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate the success of our inaugural tournament, we are already looking forward to the next year. Our goal is to make this event a yearly opportunity for young Karatekas to showcase their kata skills.

To all participants, spectators, and supporters, we say Osu! and look forward to welcoming you back next year. Your passion for karate and commitment to excellence are what make the HAITO Karate community strong and united.

With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation,

Sensei Gabi and the HAITO Karate Team

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