UPDATED ON 08/05/2024

HAITO Karate


Division Selection

Competitors Division Selection

Juniors Division (up to 16 years old)
Cadets (16-17 years old) and Adults (18+ years old) Divisions

Competitor FAQ for kata tournament

Date: 18th of May 2024.


  • Junior divisions start at 10.00 AM. – check-in is open between 9.15 and 9.45 AM.
  • Cadets (16 & 17 years old) and Adults (18+) divisions start at 14.00. Participants can check in any time until 13.45, following the estimated completion of the junior divisions and awards ceremony.

Location: UNIT 3, Wharf Road Industrial Estate, Wharf Rd, Woodston, Peterborough PE2 9PS

Unfortunately, as this event will take place on the 1st floor, we do not have access to wheelchairs.


Check-in Time: Competitors must check in upon arrival, confirming name and age.
Deadline: Juniors check-in closes at 9.45 AM, and Cadets and Adults check-in closes at 13.45.
Bracelets: Competitors will receive bracelets, mandatory to wear at all times.
Arrival Suggestion: Arrive 20-30 minutes earlier for preparation; late check-in after 9.45 AM for Juniors and after 13.45 for Cadets and Adults disqualifies competitors with no exceptions.

Finish Time and Leave Early
Confirmation with Sensei: Competitors must confirm with their Sensei (instructor) before leaving to avoid missing the chance to do their Kata (as it might be done a few times) or award ceremony.
Anticipated Finish Time: The tournament is expected to finish by 17.00.

Full and Tidy Uniform: Competitors must wear full Kimono – trousers, a top, belt, and girls must wear a white and plain T-shirt.
Tournament Requirement: Missing any uniform item disqualifies the student with no exceptions.


Refund Policy: Competitors or visitors not showing up will not be issued a refund for tickets.


First Aid: First aid services will be available on-site for any medical emergencies.
Notification: Competitors with known medical conditions should inform the organizers in advance of necessary arrangements.

What Kata?

Beginner-level participants (all ages) can do the same Kata in all rounds.

For beginners divisions (juniors, cadets and adults), Kyokushin Karate style Katas are accepted in this tournament:

Taikyoku Sono Ichi
Taikyoku Sono Ni
Taikyoku Sono San
Pinan Sono Ichi
Pinan Sono Ni

In the Open divisions for both (Cadets and Adults), participants will compete in two rounds. They must choose two different Kyokushin Karate style Katas that are approved for this tournament. Remember, the Katas performed in the first round cannot be repeated in the final round.

Katas List:

Pinan Sono Ni
Pinan Sono San
Pinan Sono Yon
Pinan Sono Go
Gekisai Dai
Gekisai Sho
Kanku Dai

Age Groups: The tournament will have specific divisions based on age groups (up to 6 years old, 6-7 years old, etc.).
Gender: In this tournament males and females compete in separate divisions.
Eligibility by Belt Grade (Kyu): Competitors must be ranked between 10th Kyu and 6th Kyu to participate in the beginners’ divisions. Those holding a 5th Kyu rank or higher (including Cadets and Adults) must compete in the open division.
Lack of Participants: If a division does not have at least three participants, the divisions will be consolidated based on gender (girls/boys or male/female). Should there still be fewer than three competitors after this consolidation, participants will be merged into the closest age-appropriate divisions to ensure a minimum of three competitors per division.
Coaches and Assistants

Coaches: Competitors may be accompanied by coaches, but they must not interfere with the judging process. Only one coach per organization is permitted free entry and must register in advance via email at gabi@haitokarate.com.

Assistant Roles: Coaches and assistants should support competitors from designated areas and refrain from direct involvement in performances.

Score Display

Real-time Display: Scores and results will be displayed in real-time for participants and spectators to follow.
Transparency: The scoring system will be transparent, with judges’ decisions explained if requested by competitors or coaches.

Judging and Scoring

Criteria: Judges will evaluate performances based on predetermined criteria.
Overview: A comprehensive list of tournament rules and regulations will be provided to all competitors before the event.
Compliance: Competitors must adhere to the established rules throughout the tournament.
Code of Conduct: Respectful and sportsmanlike behaviour is expected; any misconduct may result in disqualification.
Dispute Resolution: Any disputes regarding judging decisions should be brought to the attention of the tournament organizers promptly and respectfully.

Award Ceremonies

Attendance: All competitors are expected to attend the award ceremony to receive recognition and prizes.
Notably, the awards for the Juniors division will be presented after all Junior participants have completed their katas.
This ceremony will take place before the commencement of the Cadet and Adults divisions.

Similarly, in the Cadets and Adults division, awards will be given out after all participants have performed their katas.

Prizes: Details regarding prizes and awards will be announced during the ceremony.
Respectful Behaviour: Participants and spectators are expected to remain respectful during the award ceremony not depending on their results.
Applause: Applauding all competitors is encouraged, irrespective of outcomes, to foster a positive and supportive atmosphere.