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Jack Barker
A great space, and a home away from home for the students that attend. My son loves it here, and is very excited to see what it becomes. The owner is very welcoming and extremely dedicated. The work she has put in to this dojo is amazing and I wish her and the students all the best. Would recommend to anyone.
Audruzelis Bielksis
I'm thrilled with how the instructor at HAITO Karate channels my son's energy into discipline and respect. It's great seeing him apply these lessons beyond the dojo. Highly recommend!
Samanta Orlovska
Such a wonderful place, so kind and welcoming. A great place to get your fitness up has very good planned out lessons and gets you ready for tournaments and also great for all ages.
Vilius Mitkus
The training space is fantastic and easy to find. The sensei is disciplined and really knows how to push everyone to their limits. It's a great place to challenge yourself!
William Gordon
Very welcoming and friendly, kind to new learners and helps them grow at there own pace doesn’t rush there students and a genuinely great atmosphere all round

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