UPDATED ON 08/05/2024
Congratulations to the new belt Holders in Hampton Dojo!

Congratulations to the new belt Holders in Hampton Dojo!

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If you are looking for some inspiration and motivation to start or continue your Karate journey, look no further than the new belt holders in Hampton Dojo. They have demonstrated amazing technique and Karate spirit in their grading tonight and earned their new belts with pride and honour.

The New Yellow Belts – 10th KYUs

The first group of new belt holders are the 10th KYUs, who have achieved the yellow belt after mastering the basic techniques of Karate. They are Alexander, David, Robert and Miguel.

These four students have shown great dedication and enthusiasm in their training and have impressed the instructors with their skills and attitude. They have learned the fundamentals of Karate and are ready to take on new challenges and advance to the next level.

The New 9th KYUs – Yellow Belts with Green Stripes

The second group of new belt holders are the 9th KYUs, who have earned the yellow belt with green stripes after demonstrating more advanced techniques of Karate. They are Ethan, Emily, Mille, and Tony.

These four students have also shown remarkable progress and improvement in their training and have displayed a high level of Karate spirit and discipline. They have mastered the requirements of the yellow belt and are eager to learn more and refine their skills.

A Proud Moment for Hampton Dojo

I am very proud and happy to see more colours in our Dojos. These new belt holders are a testament to the quality and excellence of our Karate program and the hard work and dedication of our instructors and students. They have set a great example for others to follow and have inspired us all to keep practising and improving our Karate.

Please join me in congratulating them on their achievement and wishing them all the best for their future training.


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