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🥋 Kyokushin Karate Workshop with Senpai Mantas Zamba 🌟

🥋 Kyokushin Karate Workshop with Senpai Mantas Zamba 🌟

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Hey there! Circle your calendars for this Tuesday at 19:00 because we’ve got something special brewing at Bretton Dojo, right at the heart of the Pyramid Centre, Watergall, PE3 8NZ. It’s not just any workshop; it’s a golden ticket to a world where discipline meets passion, led by none other than Senpai Mantas Zamba.

🏆 Plunge into Excellence

Imagine plunging into the depths of Kyokushin Karate with someone who’s walked the path, fought the battles, and has the medals to prove it. Senpai Zamba isn’t just bringing his 2nd DAN black belt to the table; he’s bringing a treasure trove of experiences from clinching 1st place at the European Kata Tournament to standing proud at 3rd in the European Kyokushin Karate Knockdown Tournament. It’s like having a living legend in the room, ready to share the secrets of the trade.

📣 Calling All Karatekas

Now, here’s the scoop – every one of you from the HAITO Karate Dojos, yes, I’m talking to all of you, is expected to be there. It’s not just an invitation; it’s a call to arms, a chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow karatekas and soak in wisdom that’s as rare as a blue moon.

🌟 Special Guest Alert: Senpai Mantas Zamba

We’re rolling out the red carpet for our special guest, Senpai Mantas Zamba. This guy is the real deal, a beacon of excellence in the Kyokushin world, and he’s coming to our neck of the woods. With a track record that reads like a warrior’s epic, from national to international arenas, he’s the mentor we’ve all been waiting for.

📚 Workshop Focus

The workshop’s going to lay down the groundwork for Pinan Sono Ichi and Pinan Sono Ni katas. Whether you’re just starting to tie your belt or you’ve been at this for years, there’s something in it for you. It’s about building a solid foundation, one where every step and every move brings you closer to mastering the art.

  • Juniors: Stick around till 19:45 to get up close and personal with Pinan Sono Ichi.
  • Seniors: There’s a deep dive into Pinan Sono Ni waiting for you.

This isn’t just practice; it’s about reaching for the stars under the guidance of a seasoned pro.

🚀 Are You Ready?

So, what do you say? Ready to step up and embrace the spirit of Kyokushin Karate with Senpai Mantas Zamba? This is more than a workshop; it’s a journey, and it starts with us, together, at Bretton Dojo. Let’s make it a night to remember. All aboard? 🛤️🌟

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