UPDATED ON 14/01/2024

HAITO Karate

1st juniors kata tournament


Tournament Information


Whether you're participating or cheering from the sidelines, the HAITO Karate 1st Juniors Kata Tournament is set to be an exhilarating event filled with skill, discipline, and community spirit. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of the karate action!

  • Where?

    Our usual HAITO Karate Hampton Dojo.
    Full Address: Hampton Library & Leisure Centre, Clayburn Rd, Peterborough PE7 8GL

    Free parking is available all day.

  • When?

    10th of February 2024.
    Starts at 11.00AM.
    We suggest to arrive around 10.30AM.

  • For who?

    Beginners level kyokushin karate practitioners up to 6th kyu.


    Kyokushin Karate style Katas accepted in this tournament:

    Taikyoku Sono Ichi
    Taikyoku Sono Ni
    Taikyoku Sono San
    Pinan Sono Ichi
    Pinan Sono Ni

    Participants can do the same Kata in all rounds.

  • What age?

    All competitors between age 5-14 can participate in the tournament.

  • Registration deadline for Copetitors and Spectators

    Competitor Registration Deadline: Register by 5th February, 12.00 PM (Noon).
    Spectator Ticket Deadline: Purchase any ticket online by 9th February, 12.00 PM (Noon). Family tickets are online exclusive and will not be sold at the venue. Post deadline, only single tickets will be available for purchase at the venue on the event day.

					Hampton Library & Leisure Centre, Clayburn Road, Peterborough PE7 8GL